Main Program

Cultural lecture

October 15, Thursday    15:00-15:30    Hall A
Chairperson: Akira Teramoto
"Living with Cancer - These four years"
Speaker: Shuntaro Torigoe

Special lecture 1

October 14, Wednesday    13:15-14:00    Hall A
Chairperson: Takashi Yoshimoto
"A perspective of Brain Science in Japan"
Speaker: Ichiro Kanazawa

Special lecture 2

October 15, Thursday    15:30-16:15    Hall A
Chairperson: Takaaki Kirino
"Latest Developments in BMI and Robotics Technology"
Speaker: Hiroyuki Yokota

Educational lecture 1

October 14, Wednesday    14:00-14:30    Hall A
Chairperson: Namio Kodama
"Prevention of prion disease infection through neurosurgical procedures"
Speaker: Hidehiro Mizusawa

Educational lecture 2

October 16, Friday    12:10-13:10    Hall A
Chairperson: Shinji Nagahiro
"New organ transplant bill and Neurosurgery"
Speaker: Hidehiro Mizusawa

Special Event 1

The centennial of transsphenoidal surgery “Special Lecture”
October 14, Wednesday    09:00-09:50    Hall A
Chairperson: Kintomo Takakura
"History of Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery"
Speaker: Rudolf Fahlbusch

Special Event 1

The centennial of transsphenoidal surgery "New Frontiers of Pituitary Surgery"
October 14, Wednesday    09:50-12:00    Hall A
Chairperson: Naokatsu Saeki
Kazunori Arita
"Endoscopic endonasal pituitary and skull base surgery"
Speaker: Paolo Cappabianca
"Endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery for non-functioning pituitary adenomas"
Speaker: Shigeyuki Tahara
"Surgical treatment for acromegaly"
Speaker: Shouzou Yamada
"Usefulness of transsphenoidal surgery for prolactinoma in female patients who is hoping for pregnancy"
Speaker: Hidetoshi Ikeda
"Transnasal-transsphenoidal surgery for Cushing diseases"
Speaker: Takumi Abe

Special Event 2

The status of development and introduction of drugs and medical equipment in Japan
October 15, Thursday    13:30-14:50    Hall A
Chairperson: Takamasa Kayama
Hirohiko Nakamura
"Reform and Prospects of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA)"
Speaker: Tatsuya Kondo
"Human resources in introduction of pharmaceuticals and medical devices"
Speaker: Naoko Murashige
"Regulatory agency in a country with all disadvantages in new drug and device development"
Speaker: Shunsuke Ono

Special Event 3

Update from related medical societies  Hot topics (1)
October 16, Friday    09:00-10:30    Hall A
Chairperson: Tomokatsu Hori
Tetsuo Kanno
Speaker: Takayuki Ohira
Toshihiko Kuroiwa
Yoshiyuki Osamura
Yoichi Katayama
Shinji Nagahiro

Special Event 3

Update from related medical societies  Hot topics (2)
October 16, Friday    10:30-12:00    Hall A
Chairperson: Yoshinobu Iwasaki
Jun Yoshida
Speaker: Naoya Kuwayama
Michiyasu Suzuki
Hiroaki Sakamoto
Shinichi Miyatake
Tomokazu Goya

Special Event 4

Japan – China friendship symposium
October 16, Friday    09:00-10:30    Hall C
Chairperson: Zuo Huancong
Keiji Kawamoto
"First Description of Neurogenic Sinus Bradycardia in Idiopathic Hemifacial Spasm"
Speaker: Zuo Huancong
"The positive correlation between the fluorescence boundary and histological/ pathological boundary of malignant glioma by fluorescence guided resection"
Speaker: Shiguang Zhao
"Neuroendoscopic Resection of Intracranial Neoplasmsassist ed by Neuronavigation: Report of four cases"
Speaker: Maode Wang
"Microsurgical Experience with Keyhole Operationson Intracranial Aneurysms"
Speaker: Qing Lan
Takumi Abe
Hiroshi Takahashi


1. Is the number of neurosurgeon enough for all nations in Japan
2. Does intraoperative monitoring improve long-term outcome?
3. Surgical treatment of cervical spine deformity
4. New strategy for glioma treatment
5. New horizons in molecular target therapy for brain tumor
6. New horizons of DBS
7. Craniosynostosis---Management and outcome
8. Optimal management of complication in Transsphenoidal surgery
9. Long-term outcome in Stereotactic radiosurgery
10. Strategies for dissecting cerebral aneurysm
11. Continuous medical education for certified neurosurgeons- How should it be?-
12. Reconstruction of skull base - prevention of CSF leakage
13. BMI for rehabilitation
14. Brain hypothermia treatment – Its influence on outcome –
15. Early stage rehabilitation after stroke
16. New Horizons of intraoperative imaging
17. Surgical strategies for complicated carotid aneurysm
18. Coiling for cerebral aneurysm – Long-term (10 years or longer) outcome –
19. Neuroendoscope and robotic surgery

Video Symposium

1. Surgery of Paraclinoidal meningioma
2. Endoscopic TSS- Advances of surgical technique and instrument
3. Endoscopic ventricular surgery - Advances of surgical technique and instrument
4. Surgery of cerebral AVM in eloquent area
5. Aesthetic techniques and development of instruments in craniotomy
6. Surgery of intramedullary spinal tumor
7. Strategies for treatment of embolized cerebral aneurysm
8. Surgery of disorders in cranio-cervical junction
9. Surgery of giant intracerebral embolized aneurysm
10. Management of cervical carotid artery stenosis
11. Intravascular stenting for cervical carotid artery stenosis