Specialization and Integration
―How the Japan Neurosurgical Society ought to be?

Dear colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the Japan Neurosurgical Society, it is my great pleasure to invite you to the 68th annual meeting of the Japan Neurosurgical Society which will be held in Tokyo from Oct 14 to Oct 16, 2009.

The main topic of this meeting is ‘Specialization and Integration
―How the Japan Neurosurgical Society ought to be?
Similar to many scientific fields, the Neurosurgery in Japan has rapidly developed into many subspecialities. Although it may be natural from the historical viewpoint, I think that we should stop running for a short while and watch our footing. Then, we had better start again to the next step.

In this meeting, we have prepared a couple of plans for this purpose. One of them is the special lecture series from the present presidents of 10 subspeciality societies under the JNS. They will talk about the hot topics of their fields which are essential to all Japanese neurosurgeons. In addition, I asked the chairperson of all symposiums to summarize the significance of the program to the audience. We invited a lot of guest speakers from abroad and other scientific fields in order to know our standpoint in the present medical science.

As the satellite events, we will hold the Joint Session with Neuronurses on the second day for the first time. On the third day the 6th Joint Meeting of German-Japan Neurosurgical Societies will be scheduled.
I hope that all of you will enjoy not only the scientific programs but also social events in this meeting.

I look forward to seeing you soon in Tokyo.

Akira Teramoto, M.D., D.M.Sc.
The 68th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neurosurgical Society
Professor and Chairman
Department of Neurosurgery Nippon Medical School